Friday, July 12, 2013

A Day In The Life of A Non-Married High School English Teacher

6AM: Get up, shower, dress, eat, drive to work

7:45AM: Check emails, get home room cards ready, stand in the hall and greet students

8AM-11AM: Take and report home room attendance, and teach three classes of 25-36+ students the lesson you finished laboring over last night. Watch students, care for students, clarify for students, discipline a student or two, assist students, listen to students, be a role model for students, answer student questions, etc.

12-1PM: Eat lunch and maybe grade some papers if you aren't called to fill in for another teacher who is absent.

1-3:10PM: Follow the same procedure you did from 8-11AM, but do it with more fatigue, with students who are now fully awake and have too much energy, with more enthusiasm, and with much more attention and patience.

3:10-6PM: Stay after school, tired from the long day, and with complete mental fatigue grade class work, prepare for tomorrow, tidy up the room, make phone calls home to parents, check attendance lists to report students who have cut your class, do paperwork for IEP's or for ESL teachers, do paperwork for the principal or main office, consult with colleagues, etc.

6PM: Go to the gym to destress.

8PM: Eat dinner and spend time with family

9PM: Shower

9:30PM: Finish lesson plans for tomorrow, and do any research for materials needed to be taught

10PM (or later): Bed

Repeat this process Monday-Friday with some minor variation.
Imagine if I had a son or daughter I need to care for on top of all of that!

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