Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Before I Die I Want To...


I'm a day behind on my writing for Teachers Write! Yesterday's writing prompt was to finish the following statement for myself and my main character: "Before I die I want to..."

Before I Die I Want To

Dig my toes into the pink sands of Bermuda
Travel to Italy and hold a conversation with an Italian using hand gestures only
Tell everybody close "I love you"
Adopt as many animals as possible
Teach at least one person something new every day
Inspire others to treat humanity with humanity
Change a child's life for the better
Go to Germany to find someone related to me
Write many books
Own a lucrative mobile kitchen
Pay a paparrazi to follow me as I Monroe-walk past movie stars' houses dressed to the nines
Meet a movie star
Sing to a crowd of 1,000+
Read as many books as possible
Hold a baby in my arms
Have many stories to tell my grandchildren
Grow up
Get a doctorate degree
Camp on the beach
Say "I do"
Laugh as many times as possible
Become an Internet celebrity
Never waste a moment
Be okay with dying
Feel peace.

My MC:
"What would I want to do before I die? I think what I want to do before I die is reach my highest potential physically, mentally, and professionally. I want Mom to live free from the shackles of vocational servitude. I want to carry that burden for her as she has done for me all these years. Before I die, I want my mom to be so proud of me."


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